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By: Division Electronics
TEMP-STAR MULTI-WT hot runner controllers with cable testing
Temp-Star Multi WT

Temp-Star Multi WT

The new, optionally available TEMP-STAR "Wire Test" diagnosis function detects faults in the hot runner. Expensive downtimes on injection moulding machines are prevented timely and reliably.

As a check on the hot runner wiring, one zone after another is heated and the sensor allocation checked. If the heating element in question reacts and the associated temperature sensor reports the temperature increase correctly, the controller jumps to the next heating zone. Breaks in the load circuit, allocation errors and incorrect polarity are safely detected and displayed visually to the operator.

This convenient auxiliary function protects the hot runner and allows a wiring test before production start-up on the machine. Expensive downtimes in production can thus be avoided. After actuating the function button, the test runs automatically and thus ensures optimum ease of use.

The "Wire Test" function is suitable for checking all 230 V hot runner systems and is available in MULTI , 12, 24 or 36 channel sizes.

Of course, the MULTI WT controllers can be used without any restriction on production and provide the end-user with all the advantages of this successful equipment series.

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