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Temp-Star Master SL

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New range of units with enhanced process controls

Adding to the highly successful MASTER range of units, HUMMEL have expanded their offering of high performance hotrunner controllers with a free-standing, expandable range of units with up to 72 zones with a an extremely bright 12“ touch screen, in the shape of the MASTER SL range.

The new housing with lockable castors is equipped for up to 72 zones, but can also come with fewer measuring zones. For subsequent, straightforward upgrades, control inserts for 6 zones are available, which can simply be plugged into in an empty slot. When the unit is started up, it automatically recognises the additional zones.

The Start Up Assistant guides the user through the basic settings for a quick start to production in a few easy steps. With the help of the On Screen Operating Instructions, which can be called up in the relevant settings menu, you can fine-tune the settings if required, with having to use an instruction manual. The uniquely bright and robust 12“ (diagonal) Touch Screen Display, produced in-house by Hummel, gives the user all necessary process data, as well as warning and fault notifications in a manageable form, and in a range of language options. Safe, fault-free production process with simultaneous system protection guarantees the highest level of productivity, and makes it easier to find and rectify faults when they arise. Furthermore, a Diagnosis Function recognises wiring faults and helps prevent subsequent machine down-time, even before production starts.

With regard to multiple component tools, the ability to define freely 6 fixed groups, which can also be displayed separately, makes organisation and setting of the various components easier. The highly accurate measurement characteristics, particularly for small nozzles with high power density as well as the tried and tested functions Process Enabling, Heater and Sensor Monitoring, Data Display, Log Book, Soft Start and Substitute Sensor Running have all been brought across form the successful MASTER range of units.

Two additional functions give the user greater control over processes and ensure even greater safety and productivity. For one, Performance Monitoring communicates the average heat output, which can be compared against a defined threshold. If the limit is exceeded, this leads to a fault notification, which can identify for example and leak in the hotrunner system. Moreover, each heating zone can be defined individually as a measurement zone. In conjunction with a temperature sensor on the unit, this means both the temperatures in the hot runner and the tool temperature can be displayed and monitored as key process indicators for the surface quality and dimensional precision of the parts. 



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