Quality Management

HUMMEL AG is a medium-sized company with an international outlook which manufactures products for very varied fields of application in industry and technology.

OuDIN ISO 9001r products are approved in numerous countries and markets.
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Our management system is orientated towards Business Excellence and is certified to DIN ISO 9001.

The factors which guarantee our competitiveness are

  • our continuously high manufacturing quality
  • a high level of vertical integration, in places over 90%
  • technical innovations
  • an unequivocal sales policy
  • high flexibility, in particular for special applications

After carefully weighing up all the factors, we have come to the conclusion that the additional costs for DIN ISO TS 16949 would lead to a massive price increase for our products. This is not the way we wish to go. In order to remain a competitive business partner for our customers, we have decided not to apply to be certified according to this Standard.

We carry out internal efficiency analyses. In addition to, and independently of the DIN ISO 9001:2008 Certification, our products are approved for certain international standards and fields. As a result, in the case of ATEX products, for instance, our company is subject to additional external quality audits by national and international certification bodies. In the process, our analysis results, among other things, and the
efficiency of our quality control system have been proven.

We manufacture and market standard catalogue products as mass-produced products for electrotechnical installations, electronics for measurement and control technology and fittings for the heating and sanitary equipment industry. We carry out modifications in production processes or change sub-contractors only with the intention of achieving improvements, and in the case of standard articles, we do not necessarily notify all our customers.

Contracts or orders with sub-contractors are confidential and are not made available to third parties.

We do not label individual, mass-produced parts with delivery or manufacturing details. The marking on product packaging permits the traceability of delivery, manufacturing order and material sourcing.

We allow our customers to carry out quality audits exclusively with our agreement. This does not apply to the customers of our customers.

With our agreement, special arrangements for special parts may be made.

The Management Board of HUMMEL AG
Revision: 18.08.2011

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