HUMMEL AG complies with ÖNORM for drinking water

This is exactly what many tradesmen want: a pipe connection for both heating systems and drinking water systems. HUMMEL AG now offers an entire range for this purpose, consisting of compression fittings, connection parts, nipples and steel pipe adapters. All parts comply with the provisions of ÖNORM B 5014-3 of the ÖA building materials list. This means that HUMMEL AG's connection solutions meet all hygiene requirements for use in Austrian drinking water systems.

The approval of these fittings for both heating systems and drinking water systems means for the craftsman: no risk of confusion on the construction site and thus more safety. Especially during renovations or emergency services, fitters do not know in advance what difficulties they will be confronted with. However, with the HUMMEL connection range, they have a solution to all imponderables in their service trolley.
One solution for two systems - this principle brings even more advantages: Procurement remains simple and straightforward. Stock-keeping is lean and clear. HUMMEL problem solvers are also characterized by very simple assembly, requiring no special tools. Welding and thread cutting are also obsolete. This makes the screw fittings particularly suitable where dirt-free working is important.

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