Why are both PC and polyester enclosures glass fibre reinforced?
Because this gives the enclosures more rigidity and resistance to impact.
Which enclosure materials are available as explosion protected?
Ex-enclosures can be made of aluminium and polyester.
When are through bore-holes and when are tapped bore-holes machined?
An important criterion is the wall thickness of the enclosure; thin-walled enclosures are bored, holes in thicker walled enclosures can be tapped. A tapped hole is more complicated to manufacture than a bore-hole.
Why can PC enclosures be pre-stamped, but not ABS?
ABS is too brittle, and the pre-stamping process would break the enclosure.
Why are the accessories for Series 13 and 14 identical (except for the flange)?
Because Series 13 and 14 are built the same. The only differences are the additional built-in articulations and snap closures in Series 14.
What is included in delivery for a PC and ABS enclosure?
Included are the cover and the lower body, all the cover screws with cover plugs, as well as 4 mounting bolts for fastening to a DIN-rail or a mounting plate.
What certification do your enclosures have?
On request, enclosures with special approval, such as e.g.: CE, UL (USA), PCT, GL (Germanischer Lloyd), ATEX are available.
Is it possible to order transparent covers for all plastic models?
We can provide transparent covers for models in PC and ABS. However, they are always made of PC because it is not possible to produce them in ABS. An ABS enclosure with a transparent cover is thus dearer than an ABS enclosure with a grey (ABS) cover.
Can HUMMEL provide coloured PC and ABS enclosures?
To achieve a specific colour match we can achieved this by adding granulate of another colour. The quality will not be affected. Due to additional costs involved it make economic sense to apply a minimum quantity of 1,500 pieces.

We do not recommend that varnish is applied to Polycarbonate or ABS. The smooth surface effects the colour matching.

Series 13 and 14 come with a reinforcing frame. If a frame is mounted, does this affect the IP protection?
No, the 66/67 IP protection remains the same because the frame has a sealing gasket.
What are the reasons for the relatively high difference in cost between Series 11 and 12 compared to Series 13 and 14?
Series 13 and 14 are high-quality, heavy enclosures. More material is used and the wall thickness is in the region of 5mm. The wall thickness of Series 11 and 12 is around 3mm.
How many reinforcing frames can be built in, by enclosures of the series 13 and 14?
After tests by our technical department, it is recommended not to build in more than 7 or 8 frames, otherwise the enclosure loses stability.
Does HUMMEL have lockable enclosures in its assortment?
In our standard range we do not have any lockable enclosures. In the Series 14 it is possible to attach a padlock to the quick-release fastener to prevent access to the enclosure. A suitable padlock has already been looked out by our technical department and which can be supplied.
Can aluminium enclosures be supplied in other RAL colours?
Yes, we will be pleased to supply the enclosure in the colour you choose.
Why do your ABS and PC have an IP protection of 66 AND 67?
The latter figure refers to protection against water. Between 66 and 67, the protection does not increase, but describes two different things. The second 6 stands for protection against strong jets of water from all directions. The second 7 stands for protection against water penetrating the enclosure when immersed. Our enclosures are protected both against strong jets of water and temporary immersion and thus have IP 66 AND 67.
Is the gasket supplied already fitted in plain aluminium enclosures?
Normally, plain enclosures are supplied with the gasket and cover screws loose.