UBA-compliant solutions for drinking water

One for all! HUMMEL AG follows this principle with its MKV-K compression fitting and the matching connection and coupling nipples. They can be used both in heating systems and in drinking water systems. The reason: These problem solvers are UBA-compliant. They meet all requirements for "hygienically suitable" materials from the Federal Environment Agency.

This has decisive advantages for the installer. There is no danger of confusion and with the HUMMEL screw connection it is always safe to install the right component. This also makes warehousing and procurement simpler and less complicated. In addition, the installer does not need any special tools for the compression fitting. This pays off especially in repair jobs, because he never knows what to expect at the job site. This is why HUMMEL also offers its customers a special emergency service case. This includes the most important screw connections, seals, reducers, connection and coupling nipples. With this service case, the craftsman on site is prepared for all conceivable eventualities.

The MKV-K compression fitting is designed for common plastic and metal composite pipes. It is available in eleven versions for different clamping ranges. The screw connection can be used up to a temperature of 120⁰C (drinking water: 95⁰C) and an operating pressure of 10 bar.