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HMI 2021 by HUMMEL digital

This year, the HMI 2021 trade fair will take place exclusively digitally. We at HUMMEL AG will also present our proven product range on the official website of Messe Hannover and on this landing page.

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There are many interesting things to report from the world of cable glands. For some time now, HUMMEL has been offering the brass cable glands of the premium HSK-M series in a lead-free version. There is also good news for all those users for whom EMC protection is important. Independent tests have once again given the EMC cable glands from HUMMEL top marks. And HUMMEL cable glands were also successful in terms of vibration protection. The VariaPro Rail meets the demanding railway requirements of the highest category.

If you have any questions or are interested in further information, we look forward to a personal discussion. Simply contact your HUMMEL contact person or use our consultation forms. We will contact you immediately.

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Now also lead-free!

Metal cable glands HSK-M

The cable glands of the premium series HSK-M are now also available as lead-free versions in the sizes M12 to M63. This means that HUMMEL can already offer its customers a future-proof and sustainable solution today.

Anyone who wants to start the conversion process to lead-free production will find the right components at HUMMEL. No one has to worry about quality or functionality either. All technical properties remain unchanged. UL certification is in preparation, so that nothing stands in the way of international use of the lead-free cable glands.


Currently, the RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) allows a maximum of 4% lead to be added in the manufacture of brass. The basis for this is an exemption regulation, which will expire on 21 July 2021. It is still uncertain whether this exemption will be extended and whether there will be transitional periods. In parallel, the EU's REACH Regulation has placed lead on the list of "substances of concern".

The HSK-M cable glands are currently available in sizes M12 to M63 (short connection thread). Further variants are available on request.

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EMC protection for the highest demands

Independent tests confirm top position of HSK-M-EMV-D

The task of a cable gland is to protect the installations in an enclosure from electromagnetic waves. To do this, the cable gland absorbs possible interference from the cable and conducts it away via the enclosure surface. Crucial for the functioning of this Faraday cage is the gapless connection of the cable shield to the gland. The HUMMEL HSK-M-EMV-D premium cable gland uses a metallised clamping body for this purpose. Tests by independent institutes have now shown that this system is superior to conventional methods. The HUMMEL cable glands achieved the highest EMC protection.

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VariaPro is extremely tough

HUMMEL cable glands meet the most stringent vibration tests

Hard impacts, sudden shocks and permanent vibrations - this is what components and parts in rail transport have to withstand undamaged. The cable glands of the VariaPro Rail series manage this with flying honours. They not only fulfil the railway standards EN-45545-2, -3, but also the shock tests of the highest possible category 3 (DIN EN 61373). This means that VariaPro Rail can even be installed on the wheelset of locomotives or wagons without hesitation.

New sizes of the VariaPro series

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3D data, certificates and much more

Product data as a success factor: the range of formats is constantly increasing

Today, designers and users have high expectations of product data. They obtain information online, expect reliable product information and need file formats that they can process directly in the design or documentation.

HUMMEL AG meets these requirements and is constantly expanding the range of available product data. On the HUMMEL website, users can find technical product information, illustrations, line drawings, 3-D data, certificates and product data sheets. Designers and developers can download design data of cable glands free of charge from the industrial platforms EPLAN and CADENAS and integrate them directly into the technical drawing.

For webshop operators and trading platforms, the product data is available in the ETIM classification scheme in various versions and formats.

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Two times hybrid with lots of power

M40 Hybrid circular connector

The M40 Hybrid circular connector is now available in two versions: a version with two Ethernet contacts (single-pair Ethernet) and a version with six Ethernet contacts. What unites both: they are true power packs in terms of power transmission (55A). In parallel, these connectors transmit data rates of up to 100 Mbit per second.

  • Compact and robust design
  • Absolute industrial suitability for harsh environments
  • Screw or quick lock coupling
  • TWILOCK-S: intermateable with Speedtec

Our Hybrid solutions

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The two versions

M40 Hybrid 6 x Ethernet
  Power Signal Ethernet
Number of contacts 4 + PE 4 + 2 6
Contact diameter [mm] 3,6 1 0,6
Terminal cross section [mm2] 1,5 - 16 0,14 - 1,5 0,05 - 0,34
Nominal current [A] 55 7 1,2
Nominal voltage until [V~] 600 150/300 30
Test voltage [V~] 4000 840/2500 840
Data transmission [MBit/s] - - 100
M40 Hybrid 2 x Ethernet
  Power Signal Ethernet
Number of contacts 4 + PE 4 + 2 2
Contact diameter [mm] 3,6 1 0,6
Terminal cross section [mm2] 1,5 - 16 0,14 - 1,5 0,05 - 0,34
Nominal current [A] 55 7 1,2
Nominal voltage until [V~] 600 150/300 30
Test voltage [V~] 4000 840/2500 840
Data transmission [MBit/s] - - 100

Product video M40 Hybrid

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Background information

Hybrid circular connectors

Hybrid connectors combine various electrical functions in one unit. They transmit power, signals (analog) and data/Ethernet (digital).

The advantages:

  • One connector instead of 2 or 3 (⇒ at least halving)
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Shorter processing time for connector assembly
  • Reduced costs
  • Less weight on the end device (e.g. motor)
  • Option: Several cables can also be brought together in one connector. (Multi)
The HUMMEL advantages

Features of HUMMEL circular connectors:

  • Robust design
  • Mechanical protection of the contact inserts
  • No protruding plastic inserts
  • Better impact protection
  • Good processability
  • Time saving in connector assembly
  • Potential separated shields for Ethernet
  • Universal approvals
  • Modular concept: many variants in design and application
  • Daisy Chain: Cascadeable cabling through interchangeable inserts for the M16 and M23 series
  • INOX versions available (as screw version)
One Cable Technology (OCT)

The advantages:

  • One cable instead of two or three (at least halving)
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Lower weight (especially important in energy chains)
  • Less cabling effort, fewer wiring paths
  • Reduced costs for assembly and maintenance
DC industry

DC-Industry is a research project of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI), which deals with DC voltage networks in industrial production. The aim is to bring more energy efficiency and energy flexibility into industrial production and thus implement the energy turnaround.

The characteristics of DC industry:

  • Direct voltage networks with central conversion
  • Energy-saving alternative for drives in production
  • Better integration of renewable energies (photovoltaics generates direct current, which must be converted before it can be fed into the grid)
  • Direct current mains with central converter replaces many decentralized frequency converters
  • Higher efficiency of direct current networks. (Conversion from DC to AC and then back on site in power supplies or frequency converters of AC and DC reduces efficiency)
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Power pack with quick lock coupling

M40 Power circular connectors

The circular connectors of the M40 Power series are available with a classic screw cap and in the TWILOCK-S variant. This quick lock coupling can be plugged in with the widely used Speedtec plug-in system. This means that HUMMEL's M40 connectors can be used in many existing applications and are an attractive option for new projects.

Connectors with TWILOCK-S technology are particularly suitable for applications in confined spaces or in areas that are difficult to access. In addition, there is the time factor: the connection is reliably locked with a rotary movement. TWILOCK-S is vibration-proof and meets the tightness of protection classes IP67 and IP 69K when mated.

Electrical data

2 + 3 + PE

4 + 3 + PE

Number of poles 2 + 3 + PE 4 + 3 + PE
Number of contacts 2 4 4 4
Contact-Ø [mm] 2 3,6 2 3,6
Nominal current [A] 28 55 28 55
Nominal voltage [V~] at degree of pollution 3  300 600 300 600
Test voltage [V~] 2500 4000 2500 4000
Insulation resistance [Ω] > 1013 > 1013
Max. contact resistance [mΩ] 3 1 3 1
M40 panel connector right angled

The angled device connector presents itself in a new look. Its design has undergone a facelift, making it even more compact and robust. The overall height has been significantly reduced compared to its predecessor model. In addition, the new M40 angled connector has a stable rotating mechanism. This allows the cable outlet to be aligned in a radius of around 330 degrees according to the respective requirements, and the connector adapts flexibly to the ambient conditions.

Product video M23/M40

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