Quality & Responsibility

Our products are licensed in many different countries and markets.

Our management system is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 50001. Currently, we do not plan to become certified under ISO 14001.

Our competitiveness is guaranteed by our

  • consistently high manufacturing quality
  • good vertical integration, over 90% in some cases
  • technical innovation
  • a clear sales policy
  • high flexibility, especially for specialized applications

After carefully considering all factors, we have determined that the additional work and expense to obtain DIN ISO TS 16949 certification would lead to a massive price increase for our products. This is not in line with our interests. In order to remain a reliable partner for our customers in the future, we have decided not to seek certification under this standard.

We complete internal efficiency analyses. In addition, and independent of certification under DIN EN ISO 9001, our products are licensed for certain international standards and areas. This results in additional external quality audits for our companies, such as for ATEX products, by national and international certifying bodies. These and internal audits govern our analytical results, our quality system, product, and processes, as well as legal requirements and other matters, to determine their effectiveness. 

We manufacture and sell standard catalogue products as mass-produced goods for electrotechnical installations, electronics for measurement and control technology, and fittings for the heating and sanitary industry. We change our production processes or replace subcontractors only to improve our services, and do not automatically notify all customers for standard items.

Contracts or orders with subcontractors are subject to confidentiality, and are not provided to third parties. 

As a production company and employee in our region, HUMMEL is aware of its social, ecological, and economic responsibility both towards our employees and towards third parties. This is why HUMMEL, within our capacity, supports many different projects that match up with our corporate values.

HUMMEL is proud of the large number of environmental protection and energy saving measures we have already taken.

  • We use a water treatment system which allows us to return 100% of the water used in our electroplating surface treatments to the sewage system. 
  • The oil mist produced during machining is cleaned using a filter system, and the exhaust air is then released back into the environment. 
  • A heat recovery system uses the heat produced by production machines and compressors to heat our production facilities in the winter. 
  • We prepare energy saving concepts for all of our new facilities.
  • The machining area uses a recycling concept. This allows us to recycle residual materials.

We would be happy to discuss our products and high quality standards with external partners.


Further Information about RoHS, REACh, Conflict-minerals