Cable glands for all applications

Cable glands are available in a wide variety of designs. At HUMMEL AG customers are presented with a wide range of products. Thus the individual types differ not only in thread and fire protection class, but also in UV resistance or IP protection class.

The classic HSK cable gland

HSK-K cable glands are used in a wide range of applications. HUMMEL AG models are equipped with overlapping clamping plates. This ensures that the moulded seal remains stable and cannot tear out. An effective power transmission is guaranteed by the trapezoidal thread.

The HSK-M cable glands also have numerous positive features. For example, the union nut has been equipped with a special vibration protection. The position of the clamping insert cannot be changed by installing an anti-rotation protection. The position of the cables is also strengthened by this. The combed moulded seal provides IP 68 to 10 bar and the fire protection classes V0 according to UL 94 are also fulfilled. The polyamide used is also dimensionally stable in outdoor applications and impresses with its long service life.

The HSK-EMC cable glands stand for quality

With the proven HSK-M-EMC cable gland, tearing out of the moulded seal is prevented by means of overlapping clamping lamellae. Nothing can penetrate between the clamping insert and intermediate spigot, as an internal sealing edge ensures tightness. The 360 degree contacting is patented. The braid is pressed through the O-ring to the intermediate socket. The HSK-M-EMC-D cable glands convince by an optimised shield connection and a quick assembly. Many protection types and fire protection classes are fulfilled and perfect electrical conduction properties are ensured by the metallised clamping insert. Flexible contact lamellae have been installed so that different braid diameters can make contact.

In short, cable glands can be found at HUMMEL AG for a wide range of applications and if questions arise about the individual products, the company's expert team is there to help and advise customers.