Circular connectors for all applications and industries

In many innovative systems, circular connectors are used and depending on the intended use, the connector must meet certain requirements. In the HUMMEL AG range you will find a wide variety of connector series in which you are sure to find the model which suits your needs. But which circular connectors are available and what are their special performance features?

The selection is convincing

At HUMMEL AG variants can be found in the size range from M8 to M40. The modular system provides many compatible housing types, making the connectors the solution for numerous applications. On request, a sample can be sent to you for extensive testing of the connector.

A real premium model is the M12 Power. Despite its compact size, it can transmit power of up to 630V and 16A. It is incredibly robust and temperature resistant. more

The M16 is also extremely powerful. Although its space requirement is very small, it is extremely powerful and is one of the favourite models of many users. The TWINTUS series is the ideal solution for small servo motors. more

The M23 inspires by its flexibility. At HUMMEL AG it is available in Profinet, Hybrid, RJ45, Signal or Power versions. This means that all areas can be covered without any problems - the M23 round plug connection masters almost every challenge. more

The connector M27 is available in the variants 26- or 28-pin. It is designed for extreme temperatures and performs equally well at -40 to +125 degrees Celsius. When locked, the M27 meets the requirements of protection classes IP 69K and IP 67.

If you are looking for a solution suitable for high current, then you should go for the M40. Its metal housing has a high-quality finish and its extremely long service life is also impressive. EMC protection is also guaranteed if the M40 is purchased in the standard versions. more

HUMMEL AG's circular connectors are powerful and convincing through their efficiency. The well-trained team of this traditional company helps to find the best solutions for individual customer requirements. Please contact us and let us advise you.