The name says it all: M12 Power

HUMMEL AG is known for its innovative and first class products and the series of circular connectors in particular can attest to this. In addition to numerous sizes from M8 to M40, there is also a choice between freely assemblable and overmoulded versions. In addition, we have circular connectors with quick or screw connectors as well as stainless steel versions in our product range. Many different compatible housings, contacts and inserts characterize the modular system. So you will find the right solutions for all your applications at HUMMEL AG.

A showpiece in the collection of circular connectors is the M12 Power. But what are the advantages of this connector? 

The M12 circular connector sets a milestone in miniaturization

The M12 Power shows that the size of a product does not always allow conclusions to be drawn about its performance. Thus the M12 Power can transmit power of up to 16A and 630V, and yet the high-quality processed connector convinces with its compact design. It proves to be an extremely robust companion for all conceivable applications and can even withstand extreme temperatures. Its performance does not diminish even at temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius.

The M12 Power is available in the codes K, L, S and T. If you are looking for a small and powerful circular connector, the M12 will be your first choice. You are welcome to ask our expert team whether this model is suitable for your application. The sending of a sample is also possible. This allows you to test the M12 in practice. Try it out and rely on quality from Germany.