The M16 circular connector is a real powerhouse

A high-quality circular connector must perform reliably even under heavy loads. You will find many different sizes at HUMMEL AG and in addition to stainless steel versions, the range also includes circular connectors with quick or screw connectors. Various compatible housings make the circular connectors even more variable and contribute to their suitability for all common applications. A particularly powerful representative is the M16 circular connector. It is the ideal solution for small servomotors and has many other performance features.

The M16 circular connector - compact and powerful

The M16 connector system is characterized by its compactness. With a high transmission performance of the M16 circular connectors, the space requirement is nevertheless low. This is a major reason why it is extremely popular with users. The TWINTUS series occupies an exceptional position in the product series. The signal and power inserts of these connectors can be freely combined, which is why the application possibilities are also very flexible.

HUMMEL AG would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about the performance of the M16. Our experienced team will explain the advantages of the connector in detail and will send you a sample for testing on request. In this way you can try out the M16 connector under load and convince yourself of the high quality workmanship and the strong performance.