The M23 hybrid connector is a real all-rounder

Circular connectors should impress with their flexibility and the M23 Hybrid is a perfect example of this. It is in demand as a solid all-in-one solution and not only does it transmit power and signals, it is also designed for Industrial Ethernet (IE).

Separate, shielded data transmission is a particular feature of this connector series. Data transmission takes place on four contacts and high performance processing is achieved on four additional power contacts. The hybrid connector also makes no compromises in terms of signal transmission, as it also provides four additional contacts. If you are unsure whether the Hybrid Connector from HUMMEL AG will meet your requirements, then simply let the company's trained team advise you. It is also possible to order a sample. In this way the Hybrid Connector is used directly at your premises and you can test your sample extensively.

Let us convince you of the diversity

If you are interested in HUMMEL AG's circular connectors, you will be presented with many different models. The hybrid connector shows its whole class, especially in the areas of manufacturing quality and durability. It is available on request and covers numerous areas of application. So the M23 Hybrid can be the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. The model is equipped for large tasks and can withstand even enormous loads without problems. Let us convince you and rely on proven quality "Made in Germany".