The M23 circular connectors are available in many variants

At HUMMEL AG customers will find a large selection of high quality circular connectors. There are models with quick-release or screw closure and the round connectors are also available in stainless steel. The M23 round connector is one of the most common models and can be ordered from Hummel AG in various versions. Thus almost all applications can be covered.

Highest data rates can be transmitted for example with the M23 Profinet. Four Twinax inserts ensure this enormous density in the M23 housing. Crosstalk is eliminated in this robust model by five separate shields. The M23 Hybrid proves to be the perfect all-rounder. The connector enables shielded, separate data transmission on four contacts. Four additional contacts are available for signal transmission.

Numerous other M23 circular connectors in repertoire

HHUMMEL AG proves to be a competent partner in the field of electrical engineering and the large selection is convincing.

The M23 RJ45 connector shields sensitive patch cables in a resistant metal housing, making it suitable for industrial use.

The signal M23 is characterized by a large number of variants and the different housing designs. The connector is universally applicable and extremely robust. The connector is available in the TWILOCK-S version that can be plugged over with Speedtec, with the TWILOCK quick locking system or with a screw cap. It performs its service very reliably and has a long service life.

Last but not least, customers can also opt for the power M23 connector. It covers a huge performance spectrum and masters almost every challenge with flying colors. Here too, customers can choose between different housing designs. The Leistung M23 is available with quick or screw locking. With up to 28A/630V power transmission it leaves nothing to be desired.

In short, HUMMEL AG offers many high-quality M23 circular connectors for a wide range of applications. Anyone who is still unsure as to which circular connector will actually meet the specific requirements can seek advice from the company's expert team.