The M40 circular connector fulfils a wide variety of tasks

HUMMEL AG plays a pioneering role in the field of circular connectors. The connectors are available in a wide variety of designs and therefore suitable solutions are always presented for all areas of application. The M40 circular connector is used in particular for heavy-duty drive applications. It is extremely robust and can also withstand high loads. How is this reliable functionality achieved? First and foremost, the special processing quality is to be mentioned here. By using a high-quality metal housing, the M40 circular connector achieves an undreamt-of resistance and is therefore perfectly assembled for use in harsh industrial environments. Its long service life distinguishes it additionally.

If you wish, you can have samples of the products sent to you. This allows you to test the round connector and get a first impression of its performance.

Many different versions available

The M40 circular connector can be ordered in various housing variants and the standard versions ensure reliable EMC protection. Signals, Industrial Ethernet or power can be transmitted without restriction with the HUMMEL AG connector range. The M40 model is also suitable for high current and is the largest connector in the range. If you have any further questions about the individual circular connectors, then you should contact the expert team at HUMMEL AG. All open questions will be competently answered and so you will always find the right connector for your needs.