Social matters

Hummel employees benefit from an enormous range of social benefits. These range from special bonuses and extra holiday to discounts in sports facilities or the tax-deductible purchase of bicycles. Furthermore, the employees share directly in the company’s success.  


Financial benefits

  • Capital accumulation benefits
  • Advance financing for eco-driving
  • Anniversary bonuses
  • Marriage and childbirth allowances
  • Survivor benefit
  • Company pension plan – direct insurance
  • Food and drink allowance
  • Work clothing
  • Safety footwear


Special holiday / leave of absence

  • Paid special holiday
  • Paid leave of absence


Company health management


Share in company’s success

  • Profit-sharing
  • Employee equity participation


Other benefits

  • Employee discounts
  • Flexible work times
  • Company parties (summer festival and Christmas party)
  • Sports events (Business Run, ski trip)
  • First aid training