Steel pipe adapters now also in XXL size

Hummel AG expands range of steel pipe adapters.

Guarantees fast, secure installation of radiators: the HUMMEL steel pipe adapter.

Something genuinely new on the market: Steel pipe adapters in XXL versions 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch. This means HUMMEL AG can now handle completely new applications. Installers can now utilise these problem-solvers in renovation jobs on supply pipes, riser pipes in apartment buildings, district heating facilities or industrial plants.

This makes the work significantly easier, as you no longer have to weld or cut threads. You simply place the steel pipe adapter onto the dirt-free pipe, and tighten it using conventional tools. No special pre-treatment of the steel pipe is needed. This also works in the tightest of spaces, without creating any dirt.

Safety is at the heart of HUMMEL adapters. The EDPM seal, combined with a stainless-steel clamp, generates high holding power when tightened against rotation. This means the steel pipe adapter cannot be pulled out unintentionally. It is also highly temperature and pressure resistant. The steel pipe adapter is designed for pressure up to 10 bar, and operating temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius.

The HUMMEL steel pipe adapter comes in thirteen different sizes and versions. It is compatible with eurocone connection fittings with inner or outer threads.

The steel pipe adapter case is a special offer for installers. This case contains eleven common sizes and versions. This means the installer can react flexibly to conditions on-site.