Award for Simpex Electronic AG

Sales Meeting mit Preisübergabe: Der „smart & reliable Award 2023“ geht an das Team von Simpex mit Jill Ruf, Caterina Cundò, Mirlinda Hoti, Thomas Jenny und Christof Isler.

The "smart & reliable Award 2022" goes to Simpex Electronic AG in Switzerland. Every year, HUMMEL AG presents this award to one of its distribution partners for their exceptional performance. Simpex managed the feat of increasing sales of HUMMEL products by 60% last year. This was due to projects with major customers that involved customized solutions. "Something like this is only possible with exceptional consulting expertise and detailed product knowledge," emphasized Markus Henninger, head of the Connector Product Line, when presenting the award. Simpex employees possess both in an outstanding manner.

Simpex Electronic has been a sales partner of HUMMEL AG in Switzerland for many years. The company has specialized as a solution provider around the HUMMEL standard portfolio M12, M16, M23 and M40. The dynamic development of recent years now makes Simpex one of the largest HUMMEL sales partners in the connector segment.

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79211 Denzlingen
+49 7666 911100