Growth in all product segments

HUMMEL AG from Denzlingen recorded a 30 percent jump in sales to 91 million euros in the past financial year.

HUMMEL AG achieved a turnover of 91 million euros in 2021 and thus increased the previous year's result (70.4 million euros) by around 30 percent. "This is a very satisfactory result and we have even significantly exceeded our ambitious planning," Michael Nörr, CEO of HUMMEL AG, sums up.

The company produces cable glands and circular connectors for industry as well as components for heating and drinking water systems at its sites in Denzlingen and Waldkirch. The above-average growth is supported by all product areas. In the product line with the highest turnover, cable glands, HUMMEL AG increased by 32 percent, in circular connectors it was 29 percent and the building services sector contributed to this record result with a growth of 17 percent.

HUMMEL AG maintains ten subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide as well as a large network of trading partners. Geographically, all markets are also recording above-average growth in turnover. In Europe, HUMMEL grew by 29 percent. Asia, with the most important market in China, recorded a growth of 30 percent. North and South America contributed to the result with an increase of 41 percent.

"This is an excellent basis for 2022 and opens up sustainable growth prospects for us in the medium term," explains Michael Nörr. In the current business year, the focus is now on securing this leap in growth. To this end, production capacities will be increased and further investments made in personnel. HUMMEL currently employs 601 people worldwide (2020: 575), of which 366 (2020: 362) are at the two locations in Denzlingen and Waldkirch. And the trend is upwards: there are currently more than 20 vacancies advertised on the company website, mainly in the industrial and technical fields. There are also training positions for September 2022 for machine and plant operators, process mechanics and machining mechanics.

Despite brilliant business figures, Michael Nörr also sees risk factors at present: "The shortage of skilled workers, the price development on the procurement markets, the availability of raw materials and, above all, the war in Ukraine can massively disrupt economic development in this country." HUMMEL AG also stopped all deliveries to and from Russia and Belarus immediately after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. "This means that we fully support the sanctions policy of the Federal Government and the European Union," Michael Nörr reports.

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