HUMMEL AG welcomes new apprentices

Six trainees have started their professional life at HUMMEL AG. On their first day at work, they were welcomed by their training managers. At the Waldkirch and Denzlingen sites, they are training to become industrial mechanics, toolmakers and cutting machine operators, machine and plant operators, and process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology.
After the welcome, various rounds of introductions and the handover of information material, the first company tours in Denzlingen and Waldkirch were on the agenda. The works council and trainers provided information about the various committees and services with which HUMMEL AG addresses the needs of the trainees. The newcomers were able to get acquainted with their respective specialist departments on their second day at work.
HUMMEL AG employs around 600 people worldwide, of which just over 350 are based at the Denzlingen and Waldkirch sites. Training enjoys a high priority at HUMMEL. The company is currently training more than 20 apprentices at the two locations. This is to remain so in the future. For this reason, HUMMEL AG is already looking for trainees for the training year 2023/2024 - in particular for the training professions of industrial mechanic, toolmaker, machinist and process mechanic. More information is available on the website www.hummel.com/jobs.

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