VariaPro seeks great challenges

HUMMEL AG is presenting cable glands for demanding markets

The HUMMEL AG is focusing on demanding markets with particular challenges with the introduction of the new cable glands of the VariaPro series. There are currently four versions that were designed for particular, industry-specific requirements. All versions of the VariaPro product family have two things in common: the robust design and outstanding leak tightness (IP68 to 10 bar). Furthermore, the integrated EMC connection is standard.

The VariaPro Rail meets all the requirements for use in rail transport. It successfully passed the tests of the fire protection standards DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3 and meets the fire resistance class E30. Accordingly, this gland can be used without restriction in all trains of European transport network.

Extremely low temperatures as well as applications in the immediate vicinity of very high temperatures – this is the terrain of the VariaPro Temp. Remarkably it covers a temperature range of -60⁰ to +200⁰ Celsius. Thus, the VariaPro Temp is suitable for outdoor application in Arctic climates or can be used in refrigerated warehouses and refrigeration plants. The demand for high temperature applications repeatedly comes from the industrial environment.

INOX-HD Pro masters the tasks that are sensitive with regard to hygiene. This EHEDG certified cable gland is used in the food industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The specially designed stainless steel housing meets the highest hygiene standards and all requirements concerning residue-free cleaning of bacteria and microorganisms.

The youngest family member of the new cable gland series is the VariaPro FKM. It is particularly resistant against acids and chemicals. Thus, this cable gland is particularly suitable for use in the process industry.

The cable glands of the VariaPro series are available in the sizes M20 to M40. Due to the special adapters, they cover a large range of cable diameters. They are characterised by a slim-line design and are therefore, suitable for space-saving installations in confined areas.