More safety: One solution for two systems

The HUMMEL range of UBA-compliant components for drinking water systems is growing continuously. The products can be used in both drinking water and heating systems.

Two new connections and the SpeedFIX and MKV-M compression fittings complement the HUMMEL range with solutions for drinking water systems. In future, tradesmen will also be able to use T-pieces and flat-sealing connection nipples in UBA-compliant designs. These products thus meet all the hygienic material requirements of the Federal Environment Agency's Drinking Water Ordinance.

This opens up further applications and the selection of problem solvers for drinking water systems is continuously increasing. Whether bathroom renovation, the retrofitting of drinking water fittings or simply for every conceivable transition from old metal pipes to new composite pipes - the HUMMEL range offers the right connection solution.

One for all! HUMMEL AG follows this principle in the expansion of its product range. This means: steel pipe adapters, compression fittings and connection parts can be used in drinking water systems as well as in heating systems.

This has far-reaching advantages for tradesmen. There is no risk of confusion on the building site and this naturally gives a high degree of safety. All products in the range are made exclusively of UBA-compliant materials and thus automatically meet the necessary hygiene requirements.

This principle has even more advantages. Procurement remains simple and uncomplicated. Stock-keeping is lean and clear. The HUMMEL problem solvers are also characterised by very simple assembly, for which no special tools are required.

The screw fittings and connection parts are designed for an operating temperature of up to 120⁰ Celsius in heating systems and 95⁰ Celsius in drinking water systems at an operating pressure of up to 10 bar. These components thus meet all the requirements for common installations.