Interview with Markus Henninger and Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel

HUMMEL 3.0 stands for a comprehensive realignment of the HUMMEL organisational structure. Markus Henninger (left), responsible for the connectors product line, and Dr. Bertram Melzig-Thiel (right), responsible for the cable glands product line, explain which goals are being pursued and which advantages result for the customers.

HUMMEL AG has implemented a far-reaching realignment in recent months. What are the main characteristics of HUMMEL 3.0?

Markus Henninger: We want to focus our resources even more on the targeted support of our customers. For this purpose, we have formed the Connectors and Cable Glands product lines in order to be able to offer more in-depth know-how in customer support.

Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel: For us, the customer application is in the foreground. We are convinced that only an intensive dialogue with the customer results in the best technical solution and opens up the opportunity for further specifications.

What influence does the product line organisation have on sales activities?

Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel: It puts us in an even better position to discuss the requirements, the time needed and the costs with the customers quickly and reliably at an early stage. The customers benefit several times over: in product selection, in possible modifications and in technical coordination.

Markus Henninger: With the new product line organisation, we can support customers even better in all questions concerning applications. Especially in the connector segment, it's about mechanical suitability and electrical specifications. All in all, this will enable us to prepare offers in an even more targeted and reliable manner.

What will change for customers and business partners?

Markus Henninger: For customers, some of the contact persons will change and additional contact persons will be added. On the other hand, customers will have direct access to specialists in technology, project management and order processing. The actual process of order processing remains unchanged.

Dr Bertram Melzig-Thiel: In this way, we create even more reliability, customised support, fast response times and reliable deliveries for our customers. In addition, there is a lot of commitment from our product and sales experts, who now work even more closely together.

How do you assess the current business development?

Dr. Bertram Melzig-Thiel: The currently very high demand for HUMMEL cable glands reflects the good economic situation in the electrical engineering industry and related sectors. At the same time, we see a trend towards quality. The reason for this is obvious. A cable gland is a small but very important component of an overall system, the malfunction of which can have enormous negative consequences.

Markus Henninger: We recognise a generally increasing demand for connector solutions in automation technology. With our broad portfolio, we can meet this demand excellently. We are particularly pleased that more and more OEMs and leading companies in automation are also opting for solutions from HUMMEL.


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