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Cable glands for special applications

Demanding markets with special challenges - these are the ideal conditions for VariaPro. These cable glands are designed for extreme environments. The product family includes four variants with different capabilities for very special requirements.



VariaPro Rail

This cable gland for the railway sector has successfully passed all tests of the fire protection standards DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3 and can be used without restrictions in all trains of the European railway network.

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This cable gland meets the highest hygiene standards and is used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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VariaPro Temp

With a temperature range of -60 °C to 200 °C, this cable gland is ideally suited for both arctic outdoor use and industrial high-temperature applications.

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VariaPro FKM

The VariaPro FKM is highly resistant to acids and chemicals and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in the energy sector.

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