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M23 circular connectors

Signal, power, Industrial Ethernet or hybrid - the circular connectors of the M23 family offer the right solution for every application. In addition, the modular concept ensures a huge variety of variants. Because with HUMMEL circular connectors, housings, inserts and contacts can be combined. Flexibility is also the credo for pluggability. The M23 circular connectors are available with the classic screw lock, with the TWILOCK quick release fastener, and in the TWILOCK-S version, which is pluggable with the Speedtec locking system.

  • Signal, Power, Industrial Ethernet, Hybrid
  • Modular concept: housing and inserts can be combined
  • Screw or TWILOCK quick release fastener
  • TWILOCK-S: pluggable with Speedtec
  • Approvals according to UL, CSA and VDE

M23 circular connectors in different versions:

M23 Signal
  • Cable entry 3 – 17 mm
  • Number of poles: 6, 7, 8+1, 10, 12, 16, 17, 16+3 available
  • Crimp, solder, print or strip contacts
  • All codings already integrated as standard
  • Protection class: IP 67/ IP 69 K (locked)

M23 Power
  • Number of poles 5+PE, 4+3+PE, 5+3+PE
  • 28 A / 630 V
  • Up to 17 mm cable diameter
  • Crimp assembly
  • Housing and inserts can be freely combined

M23 Hybrid
  • Power, Ethernet and Signal
  • Ideal for single-cable solutions
  • HIPERFACE DSL® and EnDat 2.2 BiSS
  • Data transmission up to 500 Mbit/s
  • Simple assembly
  • ≤ Cat.5e

M23 RJ45
  • RJ45 patch cable for industrial applications
  • Ideal as maintenance interface
  • Small footprint
  • Also available as Ex-i version
  • High strain relief and tightness, IP 67 / IP 69 K (interlocked)
  • ≤ Cat.5e

M23 Fast Ethernet PoE
  • Data transmission up to Gigabit
  • Multibus II capable
  • Five separate shield potentials possible
  • Continuous shielding of the data inserts
  • Simple shielding connection
  • ≤ Cat.7

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Signal series

This tried and tested connecting system is widely used in industry. The free to assemble connectors can convince with robustness and reliability. The modular system, in which housings and inserts are interchangeable, offers the user a large number of possibilities.

  • Many housing types
  • Large variety
  • Threaded or TWILoCK quick-lock coupling
  • Matable with Speedtec
Power series

The M23 power connector is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications. With 6-, 8- or 9-pole applications and power data of up to 28 A / 630 V this connection system can match the greatest challenges with respect to power transmission. The connection system has successfully been tested for protection class IP 67 and IP 69K (locked).

  • High power transmission
  • Many housing types
  • Threaded or TWILoCK quick-lock coupling
  • Matable with Speedtec
Industrial Ethernet

Safe data transmission in restricted spaces in a rough industrial environment – those are the requirements for Industrial Ethernet applications. Here HUMMEL can offer three connecting systems:

  • M23 Hybrid: the compact all-in-one-solution
  • M23 RJ 45 securely accepts industrial patch cable
  • M23 Fast Ethernet PoE transmits data at a rate in the gigabit range
Robust and easy to assemble

Compact design and robustness proven in industry: These are the trademarks of all HUMMEL circular connectors. This also applies to many housing types in the M23 series. In addition to cable and plug connectors many variants of panel connectors are available to the user.
Ease of assembly is an important characteristic of the right angled M23 panel connector. Locking screws are easily accessible, visible markings simplify the plugging. The plug connectors are thus also ideal for use in working environments that are restricted or difficult to access.

Further advantages of the  M23 panel connector:

  • Smallest dimensions with a robust design
  • Matable with Speedtec
  • Versions for power, signal and hybrid
  • Flange sizes 25 and 28 millimetres
  • Sturdy turning mechanism with an angle of rotation > 300 degrees
  • Available with various surfaces
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