No limits

Customer specific solutions for your joining technology. 

HUMMEL offers you, in addition to the standard connector program, individual solutions and circular connectors for your projects. The following Solutions give you a short insight in the development and production of customer specific products:

Hybrid Connector for Compressed Air

To place lines for compressed air and electrical signals in one single connection, a hybrid connector M23 combines different types of contacts in one insert.

Bulkhead Connector

Bulkhead connectors accept plugs on both sides. They are rugged, liquid tight and available in all number of poles.

Simple EMI / RFI shielding

An integrated metalized EMI clamping insert grounds to the braid signifficantly simplifying the assembly of the elbow connector.

MULTI Seal Connector

A large selection of standard MULTI seal inserts allow strain relief of several individual conductors on one single connector.

Flexible Cable Protection

In addition to the integrated strain relief, the flex nut adds kink protection to a cable - available for all connector sizes.

Adaptor flange

To secure loose connections, an adaptor flange can be attached to a straight connector.

12-point hex and knurled nut

This special nut makes connection simple by eighter tightening the connector manually (knurled nut) or with a wrench (12-point hex).

Conduit Attachment

Flexible corrugated conduit can be attached to a connector with an adapter offering strain relief and cable protection as well.

Connector with specific pull-out resistance

After reaching a certain pull-out force the connection releases preventing damage to the device (apparatus).

Bulkhead Fitting

This fitting with oversized flange is commonly used in the ship building industry where Signal Connections have to be maintained under extreme conditions.

Captive Protective Cap

The metal protective cap is secured to a cable by a safety ring and stays attached in open connections.

Hose adapter ANACONDA

For applications in harsh environments HUMMEL offers special connector adapters for the ANACONDA protective conduit system.

Coloured Overmould

Completing a design or showing technical functions, overmould could be made in different colours too (e.g. DESINA green RAL 6018)

High temperature applications

For high temperature applications HUMMEL offers connectors with special inserts able to stand temperatures up to 160 °C (320 °F).